Chuck & Marilyn Haley(non-registered)

We viewed your photos at the Cortez Rec. Center and just wanted to tell you we enjoyed them. Also enjoyed your shots that used to be on the local TV Antenna network! Just to catch you up to date on the Haleys. Marilyn worked with your dad and Alan Haley(Pilot for Southwest) is our nephew. Keep up the beautiful work!
Cory from Cortez(non-registered)
Awesome stuff Tad. My wife and I love your photo on our wall! We'll be moving into a bigger house soon so you know what that means... more wall space!

John Hopkins(non-registered)
Keep up the good work......
Laurel Schafer(non-registered)
Amazing! Just seen your story in the Cortez Journal this morning and had to check out some of your pictures. They are wonderful! Great web site also.
John from Cortez(non-registered)
Hi Tad,
A pleasure meeting you at the Spruce Tree this afternoon!
You've got a great eye for creating fine images. I'll bookmark your site and check in from time to time.

Best of luck and light...

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